Get ready to sweat with the largest selection of Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and Ride workout classes in Canada, all under one roof. Led by a diverse team of movement experts, we have something for every body and fitness level.



Relax and rejuvenate with our diverse range of wellness and bio-hacking amenities. Step into an infrared sauna, melt with a massage, or indulge in a selection of high-touch recovery services

exclusive lounge & workspace


Collaborate, spark new connections. and build your community at Tonic House, thoughtfully designed to help you plug in, kick back and get inspired beyond your fitness journey.

Our commitments

We set the pace

We lead the way with the most extensive and state-of-the-art collection of world-class boutique fitness and wellness experiences - all under one roof. With the unparalleled range of classes and highly curated group fitness programming, guided by exceptional instructors, Sweat and Tonic offers a top-tier experience, tailored to your wellness journey.

We stretch the boundaries

We sweat hard, we work hard, and we play hard. Sweat and Tonic is more than your gym - we’re a place to belong between work and home. We drive change and innovation by experimenting, collaborating, and stopping at nothing until what we want is realized.

We are stronger together

We are an innovative wellness community, drawing inspiration from one another and uniting in an inclusive space. We support each other, show up together, and achieve what’s beyond our individual reach.

Our values
  • We play as a team
  • We are relentless
  • We embrace technology & innovation
  • We invest in our community
  • We operate with respect & integrity


At Sweat and Tonic, we work with our community to collaborate, elevate and create a place for everyone to belong

S&T in history

Sweat and Tonic first opened its doors in 2019 in the iconic Ryrie Building in the heart of downtown Toronto. The Ryrie Building was originally built in 1899 as an investment of Ryrie Brothers Jewelers, the most prestigious and successful jewelry business in the city. In the 1930’s, the company became Ryrie, Birks and Ellis - which is now, the infamous Birks Jewelers, that still stands today.

In 1947, the Ryrie Building hosted The Silver Rail, Toronto’s first cocktail lounge. It was a favourite for dates, celebrations and intermissions for the crowd at nearby Massey Hall. The unique history was a key inspiration during S&T's design process and pays homage to those who have worked and played hard within its walls.

Today, we proudly deliver the best-in-class boutique fitness and wellness from locations across Toronto and in Los Angeles. Our founding studio remains a cornerstone of our journey. This location has witnessed the sweat and dedication of our vibrant community, and it continues to be a testament to our unwavering commitment to elevating the fitness and wellness experience.

From its historical roots to the beat of its lively surroundings, it's here that we've created a unique atmosphere that sets the pace for our expansion.

S&t Today

In 2023, we introduced our first international sister location in Los Angeles, Silver Springs, a boutique oasis of yoga and Pilates, and opened our second location in Toronto - a 25,000 sq.ft. fitness & wellness hub at The Well.

As we look forward, we’re committed to creating innovative and unforgettable experiences. Our dedication to delivering a best-in-class experience while meeting our guests wherever they are on their wellness journey is at the core of everything we do.

We embrace the rich heritage of the Ryrie Building and The Silver Rail, and with each new step, we're determined to forge a future of wellness, connection, and community that resonates with every person who walks through our doors.